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Magnet Pulser Therapy

Life on Earth is dependent upon background ‘magnetic’ energy.  In fact, all living creatures depend upon endogenous fields (internal electric and magnetic fields) that send signals around the body to control nerves and muscles.

The discovery of magnetic energy is nothing new.  Throughout the ages, homing pigeons and migratory birds orient themselves using the Earth’s magnetic field; the ancient Chinese invented magnetic compasses so that navigators, explorers and sailors could use the Earth’s magnetic field to guide them on journeys across oceans and landscapes.  More recently, NASA Scientists incorporate magnetic-field generators into their space shuttles in order to maintain the optimum health of their astronauts whilst they’re outside the protective Earth’s atmosphere.

Some geographical regions have much weaker or stronger energy fields.  For example, the magnetic field is stronger at the poles and weaker at the equator.  Indeed our ancient ancestors had much knowledge concerning the energies of magnets, despite their limited resources at the time, due to their close connection with Mother Earth.  Research proves that sacred sites such as those found at Stonehenge, Avesbury, Glastonbury, and even the Pyramids in Egypt, were built along so-called ley lines. 

Ley lines are lines of magnetic force that run throughout our Earth, similar to the acupuncture meridian gridlines that are located within each of our own bodies.  Indeed, as we're both bodies of mass vibrational energy, the Earth’s and our own body’s magnetic energies are inter-connected.

Magnets have in fact had a long history of use in actual healing which dates back to ancient times across Egypt, Greece, China and India.  Specifically, in ancient Egypt, Queen Cleopatra even used static magnets to help relieve her gout.

More recently, the healing benefits of pulsed magnetic fields have been extensively researched across Eastern Europe, Russia, Japan and the Middle East.  With the use of static magnets in healing, the North Pole of the magnet has different therapeutic qualities than that of the South Pole.  North Pole therapy is generally described as ‘contracting, healing and alkalising’, whilst South Pole therapy is described as ‘stimulating’. 

What is Magnetic Pulser Therapy?

At Natural Body Healing, we provide ‘Magnetic Pulser Therapy’, an intense treatment which helps encourage healing in specific body areas.  This treatment uses a pulsed magnetic field to enable ‘bio-stimulation’. 

Water constitutes 99% of the molecules which make up the human body.  Water can also store electrical energy and then later re-emit it.  When this water within our body is stimulated through the use of magnets, the molecules line up with the magnetic field.  Because of our dependence upon our own internal electric and magnetic fields, this more orderly form of water structure can therefore be used more efficiently by our body’s cells, in the ingestion of nutrients and the excretion of waste products. 

As a consequence of the cells being stimulated to work more efficiently, Magnetic Pulser Therapy therefore increases the oxygen to the cells, improves blood circulation and reduces inflammation to promote healing.  In addition, studies have shown that it accelerates the process of healing, regulates the nervous system and also relieves pain.  The pulsed magnetic field produces micro currents within the tissue which help the immune system to self-heal the body. 

Often referred to as the First Aid Kit of the Future’, the Magnetic Pulser penetrates tissue up to 22cm and can be applied to specific areas or indeed anywhere on the body.  Each session lasts for 20 minutes, and more than one session can be applied at any one time. 

Because blood circulation is stimulated, this intense treatment also has a powerful healing effect on broken or fractured bones.  Studies in the United States indicate that pulsed magnetic fields speed up the healing of fractures and are proven to be especially effective for those fractures that would not otherwise heal.  Furthermore, the treatment also has a relaxing effect on muscle spasms and sprains.

Summary of Benefits From Magnetic Pulser Therapy:

  • Increases oxygen to the body's cells.

  • Alleviates pain, increasing mobility in arthritic joints.

  • Relaxes muscle spasms and sprains.

  • Eases stress and depression.

  • Promotes sound sleep.
  • Regulates the nervous system and aids recovery of nerve sensation.
  • Reduces bruising, inflammation and swelling.
  • Speeds up recovery in sports injuries.
  • Increases the body's resistance to infection.
  • Improves circulation around the body.
  • Assists removal of waste products from the blood, ie. lactic acids, calcium, cholesterol and fat deposits.
  • Stimulates organ vitality and energy levels.
  • Accelerates healing ie. bone fractures, torn muscles, ligaments and tendons.
  • Improves overall health.

The unit outputs a magnetic field intensity of a minimum of 43,000 Gauss and pulses automatically every 3.5 seconds throughout each 20 minute session. 

Please note that this service is available in Pinoso in Alicante, Spain only.

Contraindications of Magnetic Pulser Therapy:

The Magnetic Pulser is perfectly safe for most people.  However, little research has been published on the effects of static magnetic fields on those suffering from the specific conditions listed below.  Therefore, until such evidence is available, we would recommend that Magnetic Pulser Therapy should NOT be undertaken if:


·        You’re pregnant, nursing, or if you’re trying to get pregnant.

·        You’re an infant under 3 months.

·        You use a pacemaker, or any other active implanted device, defibrillators, insulin pumps or other electro-insulin devices or metal implants.

·        You suffer from epilepsy or similar conditions.

·        You have fresh, bleeding wounds internally or externally, you’re a haemophiliac or you’ve had recent surgery.  The magnetic field will subsequently increase the body’s blood flow.

·         You have excessive menstruation.

·        You suffer from psychosis, as the therapy may give unpredictable results.

·        You suffer with arrythmias or Myasthenia Gravis - as muscle weakness may be aggravated.

·        You have hyperthyroidism - as the condition may be stimulated and lead to glandular exhaustion.

·        You suffer from active tuberculosis or acute viral diseases - as the macrophages (special defense cells) may be dampened with temporary flares.

·        You are extremely weak/frail suffering from severe systemic mycotic diseases (infection or disease affecting the whole body, caused by fungus).  Inflammation may show temporary aggravation as a result of increased circulation and oxygenation of tissues.  This could be too stressful for those in very frail conditions.

Also, magnets have been shown to magnify conventional drug treatments at a cellular level, resulting in the need for reduced drug dosage.  It's not possible to say with accuracy what the effects are with any specific medication because the research has not been conducted yet. 

Therefore, we recommend that you consult your doctor about the possibility of reducing your medication dosage prior to any Magnetic Pulser treatment. 

For similar reasons, all clients should also avoid caffeine, alcohol, food supplements, recreational drugs or any potentially ‘toxic’ substance within 3-4 hours of having the treatment.

The use of powerful magnets truly encourages and speeds up the body’s natural healing abilities.  Although we’ve experienced some amazing results with this therapy, please remember that we are each individually unique.  What works for one person may not work as well for another - so, as with any other therapy, results from our Magnetic Pulser Therapy may vary.

If you would like to find out more about our 'Magnetic Pulser Therapy', please contact us today.

The above information should not be treated as a substitute for the medical advice of your own doctor or any other health care professional.








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