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How We Determine The Safety of Our Body Care Ingredients


Nature's Sunshine's Products (NSP)'s dedication to internal nutrition naturally leads to a commitment to a comprehensive range of personal care products that contain the essential ingredients required for complete skin nutrition.  At NSP, we adhere to the philosophy of using skin-beneficial ingredients; whether natural or synthetic that has a proven long-standing safety record.

Of the approximately 150 ingredients that are used in our skin care formulations, the vast majority are naturally derived ingredients.  We stress our commitment to skin health with products that integrate skin-nourishing ingredients from both nature and science.  Just as there are many natural ingredients that are excellent for the skin, there are also some natural ingredients that can be harmful to the skin. 

The same is true for synthetic ingredients.  Many are nourishing and completely safe to use, whilst other ingredients are potentially harmful to the skin and body.  NSP ONLY uses SAFE ingredients, either natural or synthetic that have proven to be beneficial to the skin and that have been proven through scientific studies to be non-irritating and non-toxic

Whilst the majority of ingredients in the personal care products are natural, there are also some harmless synthetic ingredients used in the products, which are incorporated for their specific functionality and skin benefits.

Nature’s Sunshine relies on the unbiased, third-party research presented by the Cosmetic, Toiletry and Fragrance Association (CTFA) to help determine whether or not an ingredient in a topical product is safe.  Since the FDA does not have the authority to approve cosmetic, skin care products or ingredients, the CTFA established the Cosmetic Ingredient Review (CIR) in 1976 to review the safety and proper use of common ingredients in the industry. 

A Steering Committee has since adopted a set of written procedures that are used to evaluate safety studies in an expert, unbiased manner.  Government agencies, consumers, clinical groups and industry experts play a role in the committee’s nomination under conflict of interest standards applicable to government employees.  The conclusions of the committee are published in the CIR Compendium without any private review or influence.  The data reviewed by the CIR is provided by the cosmetics industry and public comment. 

Once all of the available data for a specific ingredient has been obtained and reviewed, the Expert Panel offers one of four conclusions: (1) safe as used, (2) safe with certain qualifications, (3) unsafe, or (4) insufficient data to support safety. 

NSP uses those ingredients that are determined 'safe as used' or 'safe with certain qualifications'.  Qualifications are most commonly recommended to prevent mild to moderate irritation or sensitisation based on certain concentrations.  NSP does not use any ingredients that are considered carcinogenic or otherwise harmful. 

All Natria products have been dermatologist, safety and allergy tested.  All products have been subjected to a Repeat Insult Patch Test (RIPT), in which a patch of skin is repeatedly exposed to the product and evaluated for allergic reaction or irritation.  Results from these studies conclude that Natria products are non-irritating and hypoallergenic.

Nature’s Sunshine relies on internal testing, clinical studies conducted by independent laboratories, and the scientifically-proven, unbiased data presented by the CIR in determining safety of the ingredients used in its Natria, as well as other personal care products. 

So, you can rest assured that we are 100% committed to the safety, service, quality and integrity of all our skin care and cosmetic products.  That’s guaranteed.

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