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Change Your Career - And Transform Your Life
By Carl Munson, Natural News

Nutritional Therapist Sam Flower is living proof that you can swap a job you hate for a career you love.  Her life-changing decision to quit the stressful world of publishing to start her own holistic health business has worked wonders for her own quality of life and the wellbeing of those she now treats in her busy London practice.

Re-training for your dream job is a luxury few people can seriously contemplate, let alone go ahead and realise.  Shortage of time, money or both is usually to blame as well as fear of failure or the unknown.  Thirty-something Samantha Flower - a former manager in the world of publishing, now a nutritional therapist - is one of the brave few who've taken the leap.  Firmly established on the other side of the job satisfaction gap, she says there's no looking back.

"Working in publishing was stressful at times, but the worst thing was knowing my heart wasn't really in it," says Sam who managed a busy West End bookshop before running her own department within the Tate Gallery's publishing house.

"I became known as something of a nutritional expert in my workplaces, helping colleagues out with all sorts of problems," adds Samantha whose interest in nutrition began when, after many years of suffering, she cured herself of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Chronic Eczema and Asthma.

Later diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome as a consequence of overwork and exhaustion, she decided to embark upon an extreme dietary therapy and within the space of nine months had made a complete recovery from her debilitating condition.

"Amazed by the rapid improvement in my health, I decided to dedicate my life to the study of dietary therapy and the success I was getting with my co-workers, convinced me to take a step towards professional training.  Looking at me now, you wouldn't believe the problems I had years ago."

"Looking for a way to formalise my knowledge, I looked for a suitable course and found the Kevala centre in Devon, a flexible learning organisation that allowed me to study my holistic therapy course whilst working full time," says Sam. 

Samantha enrolled on Kevala's Nutritional Therapist diploma, which she followed with an Iridology qualification.  Studying at her own pace from the comfort of home with occasional residential tutorials in Torquay, she passed with flying colours and is now a Kevala tutor in her own right.

"The busy world of publishing is a far cry," she says, "these days my time is divided between my clinical practice working with clients, advising on a range of conditions and designing diet plans, the rest is spent teaching students and marking exam papers. I love it."

"To anyone thinking of taking the leap, I'd say: Go for it!  If you have a genuine passion and your intentions are good, you can't go wrong."

"We're delighted Samantha found our approach so supportive and life-changing," said Peter White, Principal at Kevala, "helping people from all over the world and in all walks of life to connect with their dream career in holistic therapies without too much stress is a very satisfying aspect of our work."

Samantha Flower can be contacted at her London practice on: 07745 578 347 or email:

The Kevala Centre can be contacted by visiting:









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