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The Healing Powers of Magnet Therapy

by Liz Barrington, Natural Body Healing


For thousands of years, our ancestors have been instinctively aware of an invisible force of life that existed within each of us because of their close spiritual connection to the earth and nature itself; an invisible energy which continues to keep our heart beating, our lungs drawing in air, our brains igniting new ideas and thoughts and so much more without us consciously knowing that we're doing it; an energy which totally affects our physical, mental and emotional well-being. 


Without this fundamental energy within every organism, there is no life. Indeed, each of our trillions of body cells has some energy force flowing throughout it.  The Chinese call it ‘Qi’, the Japanese refer to it as ‘chi’, and in Sanskit it’s known as ‘prana’.  This flow of invisible life force energy, circulating throughout the body’s pathways called ‘meridians’, guides the science of Chinese acupuncture that is now fully accepted in the West.  It's widely believed amongst complementary health practitioners that illness occurs when the flow or communication through these pathways is blocked and/or the supply of energy becomes deficient.


Energy itself behaves like a fluid.  It travels through our body along the network of energy paths known as ‘meridians’.  Magnets actually work by improving the flow of energy and fluids; therefore they can strongly influence the flow of this life energy or life force as it moves along these pathways.


Leading academics know that our own magnetic field exists but because it isn’t in the ‘physical’ domain, scientists still cannot work out how to fully explain it scientifically and so they continue to choose to ignore its importance with regards to its healing potential.


Magnetic therapy is totally based on nature’s laws and principles and is a treatment which does not have harmful side effects unlike most forms of modern-day conventional treatment.  Magnet Therapy works in conformity with nature and is an aid to the natural processes of healing.  Healing using magnets can be undertaken alone or alongside any medical practice, as it does not interfere with any other complementary or conventional treatment; in fact it accelerates the healing process.  But how does magnet therapy work? 


Magnets are highly effective in restoring the natural balance of the body because they are responsible for returning a ‘normal’ balanced charge back to each individual cell in the body, in addition to stimulating circulation, promoting increased oxygen and restoring a normal pH value.


Continuous contact with magnets over time activates our body’s working processes and accelerates blood flow, generating warmth in the body.  Through improved circulation, the use of magnets therefore gives strength and tonifies the body as a whole, helps in faster recovery from ailments, removes tiredness and weakness, helps the body’s detoxification processes, proves beneficial during convalescence and also reduces pains and swelling of every part of the body.


Yet, it must be noted that magnets are NOT the answer to everything.  As with all treatments, whether complementary or conventional, because each of us is an absolutely unique individual – what can work for most, may not always work for others.  But saying this - you really have nothing to lose.  So if you’re in pain, we recommend that you should try it. 


Always remember that NOT ALL MAGNETS ARE THE SAMECheap quality magnet therapy products definitely give magnet therapy a very bad name.  Products have to be the best quality and the most powerful that you can afford, otherwise they cannot penetrate that deep into the body, and so will have little effect. 


The professional magnet therapy products that we promote at Natural Body Healing are VERY powerful and effective.  They work for the majority of people, but if these premium products don’t work for you specifically, please don’t knock them; for there are millions of people around the globe for whom these premium products continue to greatly enhance their overall well-being.  In fact, most of our magnet therapy products are sold through recommendations, referrals and repeat business from extremely loyal customers and professional therapists.


You can rest assured that without doubt, Magnet Therapy is ‘doctor’ recommended and clinically-tested, it’s safe and effective and has no side-effects, and it’s re-useable, durable and is a non-invasive drug-free therapy.  It’s also affordable and magnet therapy is one of easiest ways to enhance well-being, not just for us, but also highly effective on our animals and on our plants.


Magnet therapy as a form of healing is still in its formative stages from a 'scientific' perspective, with more and more clinical research being carried out on its therapeutic effects; as a therapy, its enduring future as a healing therapy looks very secure.


PROVEN: Magnet Therapy Benefits to Health

  • Helps alleviate pain, reduces bruising and swelling (oedema).

  • Improves mobility of arthritic joints.

  • Encourages the removal of toxins from the body’s cells (waste products from the blood ie. Lactic acid, calcium, cholesterol and fat deposits).

  • Reduces cramps and chilblains.

  • Eases stress, depression, promotes sound sleep.

  • Aids recovery of nerve sensation and regeneration.

  • Aids recovery of torn ligaments, muscles and tendons.

  • Speeds recovery in sports injuries.

  • Increases resistance to infection and colds, strengthens immunity.

  • Improves circulation/body and warming of the extremities.

  • Increases energy and strength.

  • Speeds healing and recovery from operations ie. Bone fractures (heal up to 40% faster when using magnets), tissue/muscle/organ operations.  Can improve scar healing after operations and much more quickly.

  • Helps recovery or can prevent onset of RSI/Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

  • Alleviates migraine and headaches.

  • Oxygen absorption from the lungs increases.

  • Improves overall health.

  • Can help normalise blood pressure.

  • Can help treat anything ‘living’ ie. Humans, animals, birds, plants etc.


IMPORTANT: Magnet Therapy Products should not be used without a diagnosis or an understanding of your condition.  These products should not be used by persons using a mechanical implant or a pacemaker, defibrillator, insulin pump or other electro-insulin devices, or used by pregnant women.


Examples of Factual Evidence about Magnets in Healing

  • In 1997, Baylor College of Medicine USA published double blind study of 50 patients who suffered from muscular or arthritic pain.  76% patients treated with static magnets reported significant improvement.

  • In 1999, New York Medical College published study amongst diabetics that showed magnetic innersoles has significantly reduced foot pain in 9 out of 10 patients.

  • Vanderbuilt University Medical Centre found that between 80%-90% patients with pain-related sports injuries and accidents found relief after magnet treatment.

  • The Kouseikai Suzuki Hopsital in Japan published double blind clinical studies to show that 83% patients with sleep-related disorders benefited from the use of magnetic mattress pads.  53% could tell the difference within 3 days.  70% within 5 days.

  • Medical use of magnets is reimbursable by private health care in over 50 countries worldwide.

  • One in three households in Japan sleeps on a magnetic mattress pad.

  • In USA, the public are spending over US $500million a year on magnet therapy, primarily on mattress pads.  Rapidly growing markets are Israel, Germany and UK.


If you would like to receive some leading research in pdf format on the health benefits of Magnet Therapy, then please contact us.


At Natural Body Healing, we only promote premium health products that work the most effectively, which is why we sell Norstar Biomagnetics and also Vergari Biodynamics - the professional's choice for magnet therapy products


Used by therapists, sportsmen and many, many people on a day-to-day basis to help speed up the body’s natural healing abilities and re-energise the body.  Introduce highly-effective magnet therapy products into your daily life and feel the difference.  You really have nothing to lose – so try them today! 


The above information should not be treated as a substitute for the medical advice of your own doctor or any other health care professional.












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