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Nature’s Sunshine Products is THE global leader in technology in both the production and testing of herbal and dietary supplements.  In fact, we guarantee that EVERY bottle of EVERY PRODUCT will be the Purest, the Safest and the Most Potent that you'll find anywhere in the world.  Our products only contain active ingredients.   *Satisfaction is guaranteed or your money back. 


Like many hundreds of thousands of others worldwide, you too can start improving your healthy straight away, in just 2-3 simple steps.



Step One: Prior to embarking on any new dietary regime, it's important that your body is completely re-hydrated and regularly 'cleansed' to enable the effective digestion, utilisation and absorption of nutrients within your body's cells. 


If you're generally in good health, we offer a simple yet highly effective 10-day herbal cleanse programme that includes our Healthy Starter Pack, Liquid Chlorophyll and also Bifidophilus, the good bacteria that's essential for healthy bowels.  A good body cleanse is advisable 2-3 times throughout the year.  This 10-day cleanse can be taken alongside a healthy, balanced diet.  And, remember to always drink plenty of water throughout the day


However, if you're seriously ill or weak, then the powerful 'Healthy Starter Pack' cleanse would not be suitable for you.  If this is the case, we suggest you go straight to Step Two.



Step Two: We recommend that you take Synerprotein, Zambroza and Omega 3 every day which can help with overall well-being.  Taking key amino acids, powerful antioxidants and essential fatty acids are all important in each of our daily regimes in order to keep our cells, organs and general bodies healthy. 


In addition, do remember to eat plenty of wholesome, high-fibre foods and of course, continue to drink plenty of water throughout the day. 



Step Three (if applicable): If you do suffer with your health, we'd suggest that you also consider the products listed below which can help with your condition - so please click on a link to find out more, or to make a purchase.  


If you do have more than one ailment, *we strongly suggest you only treat 1-2 conditions at any time and that you take the appropriate supplementation and recommended dosage for that specific condition for a minimum period of 3-4 months in order to see real long-term, guaranteed improvements to your health.


With reference to how to use the information provided in the table below, please select the 'Key Supplement(s)' for your condition.  For even greater benefit and quicker results, you should also consider taking the additional 'Supporting Supplements' that can help also. 


If your specific health condition is not listed, then we advise that you opt for the 'Key Supplement' for that body system only, highlighted in redPlease note: If you suffer with any digestive or intestinal issues, it is strongly advised that you 'focus' on these conditions first, in order to strengthen these key areas, enabling the supplementation to be properly utilised and absorbed into the body.


If, at any time, you have any queries with regards to the supplements for your condition, please don't hesitate to contact us.



Key Supplement(s) THAT MAY HELP

Supporting Supplements

Digestive System:



Acid Indigestion

Catnip & Fennel Extract

Papaya Mint


Marshmallow & Chamomile, Clove & Pau d'Arco


General Liver Problems

Milk Thistle


Irritated Liver

Peony & Cinnamon


Sluggish Liver

Lycium & Peony


Acid/Enzyme Deficiency

Food Enzymes


Wasting/Anorexia etc

Ginseng & Ginger

Korean Ginseng


Intestinal System:

Bowel Build



Activated Charcoal



Marshmallow & Chamomile

Ginseng & Ginger, Bifidophilus

Sluggish Constipation

Bowel Build

Psyllium Hulls

Irregular Bowel Movement


Magnesium, Nutri-Calm


Pumpkin & Black Walnut,

Black Walnut Extract, Hi Potency Garlic, Cascara & Buckthorn


Circulatory System:



High Cholesterol

Cholester-Reg II, Hi Potency Garlic

Fat Grabbers

Heart/Cardiac Problems

Gingko & Hawthorn

Co Q10 Plus, Magnesium

Circulation Problems/ High Blood Pressure/ Hardening of Arteries


Capsicum & Garlic with Parsley

Varicose Veins/Spider Veins/Haemorrhoids

Horse Chestnut & Butchers Broom

Hi Potency Grapine









Brain Protex with Huperzine

Ginkgo Biloba Time-Release


Hops & Valerian with Passion Flower



Perilla & Cyperus

St John's Wort



Defence Maintenance


Bacterial Infection

Hi Potency Garlic

Colloidal Silver

General Poor Immunity

Ultimate Echinacea

Olive Leaf Extract, Bifidophilus

Chronic Viral Infections ie.Herpes/Epstein Barr

Dandelion & Purslane

Una de Gato

Cold/Influenza etc

Chamomile & Rosehips

Elderberry Plus (children)

Fungal Infections Pau d'Arco Colloidal Silver, Bifidophilus
Low Resistance/Fatigue Astragulus & Ganoderma Una de Gato
Free Radical Damage Super Antioxidant Hi Potency Grapine
Cancer Paw Paw Cell Reg, Zambroza, Immune Formula, Hi Potency Protease  
RESPIRATORY SYSTEM: Fenugreek & Fennel  
Dry Irritated Cough Mullein  
Wheezing/Short Breath Astragulus & Aster  
Excess Mucus Fenugreek & Thyme  
Congestion in Lungs Fenugreek & Fennel Hi Potency Garlic
Congestion in Sinuses Burdock & Parsley  
Mucus Infections Echinacea & Goldenseal  
Asthma from Anxiety & Stress Fenugreek & Fennel  
Hay Fever/Respiratory Allergies Hi Potency Grapine Fenugreek & Fennel, MSM
URINARY SYSTEM: Juniper & Parsley  
Irritated/Inflamed Kidneys Combination Potassium  
Urinary Infection Cranberry & Buchu Echinacea & Goldenseal
Weak Kidneys Combination Potassium  
Water Retention Juniper & Parsley  
Chronic Kidney Weakness Eucommia & Achyranthes  
Low Blood Sugar Licorice & Dandelion Licorice Root
High Blood Sugar Goldenseal & Juniper Nopal, GTF Chromium
Adrenal Exhaustion Biota & Schizandra Balanced B-Complex
Hypothyroidism Kelp & Hops Super Algae
Menstrual Problems Raspberry & Dong Quai Evening Primrose Oil




Natural Woman Pack

Phyto Soy

Pregnancy/Nursing Nature's Prenatal Red Raspberry
Female Sexual Desire/ Infertility Damiana & Ginseng  
Male Impotence/Infertility Ginseng & Saw Palmetto  
Male Prostate Problems Saw Palmetto & Pygeum Zinc
STRUCTURAL SYSTEM: Skeletal Strength  
Joint Inflammation Everflex Alfalfa & Yucca, Everflex Cream
Muscle Inflammation Fibralgia Everflex Cream
General Skin Problems Pau d'Arco & Yellow Dock Evening Primrose Oil
Acne Tea Tree Oil  
Eczema/Psoriasis Pau d'Arco Lotion  

Weak Brittle Bones

Skeletal Strength

Hair, Skin & Nails Horsetail & Rosemary, Zambroza, Omega 3  
Hair Loss Super Algae, Nutri-Calm, Horsetail & Rosemary, Zambroza, Omega 3  
WEIGHT MANAGEMENT: Synerprotein, Omega 3 Plus any of the following:
To Reduce Dietary Fat Absorption: Fat Grabbers  
To Reduce Dietary Carbohydrate Absorption: Carbo Grabbers  
To Increase Metabolism: MetaboMax EF  
To Reduce Cellulite: Rhodiola & Coleus  
To Balance Hormones: Master Gland  
For Under Active Thyroid: Kelp & Hops  

To further assist you, we've also provided some tips for taking herbal supplements and provided answers to some FAQs.

The above information should not be treated as a substitute for the medical advice of your own doctor or any other health care professional.

The product links stated on this page can only be purchased from these web pages if you live in UK and in Europe. 






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