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The Sun and Moon's Influence on Us and on the World We Live

Four forces maintain order on our planet, our moon and across the entire universe - these are the weak nuclear force, the strong nuclear force, gravity and the electromagnetic field.  Gravity and magnetic fields manage all the components within the universe and beyond, continually pulling and opposing, holding each in its appointed place and orbit. 

The sun is an uncontrolled nuclear reaction, breaking down atoms into charged particles that are emitted at the speed of light from the sun's surface in solar storms.  Black areas on the sun, known as 'sunspots' are the result of these gigantic magnetic storms which come and go over a 22-year cycle. 

In Britain in 1974, Dr Hope-Simpson discovered that all major influenza outbreaks had coincided with sunspot maxima because of its magnetic energy fields.  During times of sunspot maxima, the solar wind of charged particles is much greater, which causes distortions in the Earth's own magnetic field.  These changes can weaken our body's immunity levels, leaving us more vulnerable to infection.

Life itself is down to our own planet's magnetic field.  The Earth's iron-rich crust was magnetised from friction against its own molten core long before life first appeared on the planet.  In fact the first life forms to develop were cyanobacteria, followed by blue-green algae.  Through its processes of photosynthesis, the algae subsequently created sugar from sunlight, which then produced oxygen as a by-product.  As a result, oxygen became available for life to develop, and so the protective ozone layer began to form.

Positive ions in the atmosphere have harmful effects on health, whilst negative ions are hugely beneficial.  Whenever an atom loses electrons, it has more protons which result in an overall positive charge.  If an atom gains electrons, it has fewer protons and so it becomes negatively charged.

Our bodies extensively use elements such as calcium, potassium and sodium ions for transmitting electrical signals between the brain and the nerves.  Large quantities of ions can therefore immensely affect our health because they interfere with our own internal communications system, at a cellular level.

Have you ever wondered for example, why the moon's cycles have such an effect on us, our emotions, our wildlife and on our harvests?

At the time of the full moon, there are more positive ions at the Earth's surface which is why people seem to suffer with more stress.  An influx of positive ions causes blood to flow more slowly and so oxygen in the blood is not carried to the muscles and brain as efficiently.  During this time, there are many more murders, more arrests, brawls, mood swings, arguments and much more violence than at any other time in the month.  This is where the origins of the word 'lunatic' come from; 'luna' being Latin for 'moon'.

Consequently, when there are more negative ions at the Earth's surface at the time of the new moon, organic life flourishes and seedlings become stronger and they grow better.  That is why many cultures around the globe who fully appreciate the importance of working alongside nature, traditionally plant their crops around the time of the new moon.  Negative ions create less stress, more feelings of calm and less health problems, resulting in more balance and harmony in the body.

Magnets have an important role to play in natural healing as their use truly encourages and speeds up the body’s natural healing abilities.  They 'organise' unpaired electrons in both positive and negative ions, so that these charged particles are all spinning in the same direction.  All living organisms and materials are affected by magnets in this way, and as humans, we're no different.


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