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Magnet Therapy for Pet & Animal Well-Being

Used daily by therapists, sportsmen and thousands of satisfied customers worldwide for themselves and their animals, Norstar and also Vergari Biodynamics' products offer the most powerful magnetic solutions (based on gauss strength) that you can obtain in the UK for general well-being.  

Following the initial studies into the beneficial use of magnetic fields during the early years of space exploration, the first sector to massively take up the use of modern therapeutic magnets was the US racing industry.  

Used primarily on horses, blankets were made with powerful magnets and positioned over the horses during travelling to reduce their stress levels and during their parades to assist with warming-up the muscles and to get them primed prior to their race.  Magnetic Field Therapy Devices such as Norstar's The Magnessage and also Vergari Biodynamics The Magneton are also highly effective when used around animals and horses to help calm them down and help relax their muscles.

The racing industry now makes extensive use of magnetic products for fetlocks, hooves and shins - critical areas for horses.  Using our range of Biomagnetic Petcare products, your own pets, horses, and other animals can also discover the new force in health and happiness. 

Below are a few of the testimonials we have received from happy Norstar Biomagnetic and Vergari Biodynamics customers:

"I have had my Magnessage/Magneton for 4 years now with fantastic results, working with stress points and on soft tissue manipulation and myofascial release, and also to help relieve tension, pain and to improve performance. As they are rechargeable and very portable, I can leave them on loan with the owners to benefit from on-going treatments.Having seen such great results over the years, I now recommend that my owners buy their own machine, as they are so affordable.  Working with magnet therapy has really been a plus in the treatment of many conditions in both horses and riders."  Jane Sumner, The Equine Body Shop.

"Before I started to magnetise my water all my fingers, joints on my hands were very swollen and I could not wear my wedding ring however all the swelling has gone and my rings are fitting again."  W M Reeves.

"I am a rescue dog and the only problem that I really had was severe cramp in my hindquarters, after various treatments and trips to the vets to try this and try that, we were all at our wits end!!!!  I am now a proud owner of a unique collar AND I never had a problem since. So as a THANK YOU I have recommended your items to my friends at the Dog Parlour."  Woofs.





Please note that delivery charges will vary depending on your total order value, order weight and also your country of destination; the delivery charges stated for our Magnet Therapy products are TO THE UK ONLY.  Our Magnet Therapy products are despatched from the UK.  Therefore despatches to international destinations will cost a little more, so please enquire about the extra costs before placing your order. 


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Norstar Magnetic Water Coaster


We recommend that you provide your pet with magnetised water that they can drink for overall well-being to help restore any condition of imbalance and help rid their bodyís cells of toxicity.  It has a soothing, slightly sedative effect on emotional upsets and can help normalise circulatory systems and improve energy levels.  Any water can be magnetised; it is simple - just place their water bowl on Norstarís Magnetic Water Coaster and keep it there so that its water will continue to be charged up magnetically.   Manufacturer power rating: 12,300 gauss core/1,500 gauss surface.  Coaster contains: 9 x 2.5cm High Quality Neodymium magnets.


Stock Number

NS142  Norstar Magnetic Water Coaster

Online Price: £20.00






The 'Leonardo' Magnetic Water Coaster by Vergari Biodynamics


Hydrated Cells = Healthier Cells.  We know that water is essential for all life forms. The quality of that water is also important; all to often our water has been so filtered and processed it is often stripped so much it is Ďdeadí. Anything we can do to improve the energy and efficiency in our water is a definite plus.  Simply place your glass or jug on the North Pole (Leonardo side) of the coaster and leave it there for 5 Ė 10 minutes. It is then magnetized and will hold the increased magnetic field at itís full potential for weeks.

Once the water is magnetized, you can place your bottle in the fridge, transfer your water to a sports bottle, pet bowl, watering can, horse bucket or whatever other container you choose.
Any water can be magnetised; it is simple - just place your jug or glass on our magnetic Water Coaster for about 20 minutes a glass, and allow about 1 hour for a full bottle or jug.  The water will hold its magnetic properties for days.  Use it in the Home, Take it to the Office, Take it when Travelling, Take it to the Gym, Take it on the Sports Field, Use it for your Animals and Livestock or Use it for your Plants and Vegetables!  Include this as part of your Beauty Regime, it is so simple! Make magnetized water it a part of your daily beauty regime, or try magnetizing your favourite 100% natural face creams and massage oils.  Contains 9 high grade ceramic magnets. 1000 Gauss each.


Stock Number

GV142  Leonardo Magnetic Water Coaster

Online Price: £19.00


Norstar Magnetic Pet Collar

Norstar's range of Magnetic Pet Collar products can improve your petís circulation and improve general health, and also alleviate pain and speed up recovery from injuries, to increase vitality and energy.  Manufacturer power rating: 12,300 gauss core/1,200 - 1,500 gauss surface.  High strength Neodymium magnets.


Stock Number

NS250S  Norstar Small Pet Collar 20cm - 32cm

Online Price: £14.00



Stock Number

NS250L  Norstar Large Pet Collar 32cm - 45cm

Online Price: £17.00



Stock Number

NS250XL  Norstar X-Large Pet Collar 45cm - 66cm (adjustable)

Online Price: £19.00



Stock Number

NS250C  Norstar Cat Collar (one size)

Online Price: £14.00





Norstar Magnetic Pillow Pad - to be used by small-sized pets


Norstar's magnetic pillow pad can also be used for small animals and helps bathe your wonderful pet companion(s) in deeply relaxing magnetic fields to promote a better sleep throughout the day and night, to enable much self-repair and renewal which is crucial to their overall health and state of well-being.  Your pet will feel more relaxed and will benefit from much deeper, and more restful slumber which can strengthen an impaired immune system sometimes due to energy blockages, stress and dietary factors, perhaps through old age, lack of exercise, arthritic joints etc. 


For maintenance of your pillow, an easy care cover is available for both sizes of pillow.  Manufacturer power rating: 3,950 gauss. Pack contains: 18 built into a comfortable quilted pad.


Stock Number

NS110  Norstar Magnetic Pillow Pad - 18 magnets, 31cm x 46cm

Online Price:  £33.00 




Norstar Pillow Pad Cover


The washable weather proof cover is made specifically to accompany the Pet Pillow to avoid the actual Pet Pillow getting grubby.  It comes in one size: Medium - 34cm x 38cm and is suitable for the Magnetic Pillow Pad.


Stock Number

NS241M  Norstar Pillow Pad Cover 34cm x 38cm

Online Price:   £7.00






For medium and large-sized animals, please consider using the following alternative items for them to sleep and rest on:



Norstar Magnetic 'Stress Buster' Pad - to be used by medium-sized pets


Norstar's quilted, lightweight pad can be transported easily from home and used in the car.  It includes 30 top-grade ceramic magnets which deliver calming North Pole magnetic fields to ease your animal to sleep naturally, helping to increase circulation and oxygen, which encourages the release of damaging toxins.  The process of detoxification and stimulation therefore encourages the cells to work as efficiently as they can in strengthening the animal's body and improving general health.  We recommend that you cover this item with the Stress Buster All Weather Cover.


Manufacturer power rating: 3,975 gauss core.  Pack contains: 30 ceramic magnets in a comfortable, lightweight quilted pad.  Size: 38cm x 71cm.


Stock Number

NS120  Norstar Magnetic Stress Buster Pad - Size: 38cm x 71cm, 30 ceramic magnets

Online Price:   £40.00 




Travel Pad by Vergari Biodynamics to be used by larger pets


Designed for therapists. Used by children, pets or for travelling, and for your bed!

The Therapist/Travel Pad was originally designed for our therapists to use on their couches as they treat their patients. It is now also available for the general public.  It's also a cost-effective way to try the benefits of smaller mattress pad. Such great value and contains an amazing 80 magnets!  This pad bridges the gap between our full size mattress pads and the smaller pillow pads, which also makes it ideal for very small children and babies.  The Mini Pad fits perfectly over the whole trunk area of the adult body allowing the magnetic fields to have a gentle revitalising effect on all the major organs.  Manufacturer power rating: 3,975 gauss core.  Pack contains: 80 ceramic ferrite magnets in a plush, comfortable quilting.  Pad Size: 60cm x 90cm.


Stock Number

GV290  Therapist/Travel Pad 60cm x 90cm/80 magnets

Online Price:  £79.00  





Norstar Stress Buster All Weather Cover


The washable weather proof cover is made specifically to accompany the Stress Buster.  This cover enables you to take your Stress Buster pad with you and your animal and use it in your car, when travelling or for use when your animal is at home.  Stress Buster Cover Size: 38cm x 74cm. 


Stock Number

NS121  Norstar Stress Buster All Weather Cover

Online Price:   £8.50






Norstar Mini Mattress Pad - can be used by large-sized pets


Norstarís Mini Mattress Pad is the perfect size for any large animal and helps relax larger animals by allowing the magnetic fields to have a gentle revitalising effect on all its major organs.  We recommend that you use a sheet or a blanket to cover the mini mattress pad and protect it from getting grubby through use.  Manufacturer power rating: 3,975 gauss core.  Pack contains: 60 ceramic ferrite magnets in a plush, comfortable quilting.  Pad Size: 61cm x 91.5cm.


Stock Number

NS290  Norstar Mini Mattress Pad 61cm x 91.5cm, 60 ceramic magnets

Online Price:  £70.00  







The above information should not be treated as a substitute for the medical advice of your own doctor or any other health care professional.



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