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Magnet Therapy for General Well-Being

Used daily by therapists, sportsmen and thousands of satisfied customers worldwide, Norstar Biomagnetics products offer the most powerful magnetic solutions (based on gauss strength) that you can obtain in the UK for general well-being.  

Please click here if you wish to use magnet therapy products specifically for pain relief.  Introduce highly-effective magnet therapy products into your daily life and feel the difference. 

Below are a few of the testimonials we have received from happy Norstar Biomagnetic customers:

"The first item I bought was the Norstar Power Strides, which have been marvellous. When worn constantly the stiffness in my knees disappears within an hour of using them. Also I am sure they give me the strength to lift my two toddler grandchildren when necessary."  Mary Ormerod.

"Before I started to magnetise my water all my fingers, joints on my hands were very swollen and I could not wear my wedding ring however all the swelling has gone and my rings are fitting again."  W M Reeves.




Please note that delivery charges will vary depending on your total order value, order weight and also your country of destination; the delivery charges stated for our Magnet Therapy products are TO THE UK ONLY.  Our Magnet Therapy products are despatched from the UK.  Therefore despatches to international destinations will cost a little more, so please enquire about the extra costs before placing your order. 


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Norstar Magnetic Water Coaster 


We recommend drinking magnetised water for overall well-being as it can help restore any condition of imbalance and help rid the body's cells of toxicity.  It has a soothing, slightly sedative effect on emotional upsets and can help normalise circulatory systems and improve energy levels.  It can also be helpful in the treatment of bronchial conditions, including asthma and colds.  It can also help stabilise digestive disorders and is often recommended for many conditions, including colitis, eczema, psoriasis or low blood pressure.  Any water can be magnetised; it is simple - just place your jug or glass on Norstar's magnetic Water Coaster for about 20 minutes a glass, and allow about 1 hour for a full bottle or jug.  The water will hold its magnetic properties for days. Manufacturer power rating: 12,300 gauss core/1,500 gauss surface.  Coaster contains: 9 x 2.5cm High Quality Neodymium magnets.


Stock Number

NS142  Magnetic Water Coaster

Online Price: £20.00




Norstar Magnetic 'Stress Buster' Pad


Norstar's quilted, lightweight pad can be transported easily from home to the work place, and includes 30 top-grade ceramic magnets which help relieve tension in the neck, shoulder and back area.  At night-time, our Stress Buster will deliver calming North Pole magnetic fields to ease you to sleep naturally, helping to increase circulation and oxygen, which encourages the release of damaging toxins.  The process of detoxification and stimulation therefore encourages the cells to work as efficiently as they can in strengthening the body and improving general health.  


During the day whilst at work or perhaps whilst driving, you can place the Stress Buster on your chair for lower back relief.  The Stress Buster is one of the most effective ways to encourage circulation whilst seated for any length of time and to help you recover more effectively for example, from jet-lag from on long haul flights.  Manufacturer power rating: 3,975 gauss core.  Pack contains: 30 ceramic magnets in a comfortable, lightweight quilted pad.  Size: 38cm x 71cm.


Stock Number

NS120  Magnetic Stress Buster Pad - Size: 38cm x 71cm, 30 ceramic magnets

Online Price:   £40.00 








Norstar Stress Buster All Weather Cover 


The washable weather proof cover is made specifically to accompany the Stress Buster.  This cover enables you to take your Stress Buster pad with you in your car, at work, in your wheelchair or when travelling on long-haul flights.  Benefit from Magnet Therapy wherever you go! Stress Buster Cover Size: 38cm x 74cm. 


Stock Number

NS121  Stress Buster All Weather Cover

Online Price:   £8.50





Norstar Eye Mask


Designed to be both an effective product for helping combat stress and fatigue, Norstar's Eye Mask is also be a terrific boost for improving the skin and is ideal for migraines, head aches, stress and tension.  Take it wherever you go, use the magnetic eye mask at night for relaxation and also during long haul flights.  Eye Mask contains 8 Neodymium magnets.


Stock Number

NS141 Eye Mask

Online Price:   £20.00






Norstar Powerstrides - Magnetic Innersoles


Our Magnetic Innersoles can be used for foot, ankle, calf and lower leg pain and discomfort.  We find that they are also very effective in combating poor circulation around the lower body on long haul flights, or perhaps if you work in a desk-based job.  Many innersoles on the market are 'uni-polar' which means that they work on one side only; yet Norstar's Powerstrides are 'bi-polar' and therefore, you can turn them over to benefit from both North Pole and South Pole magnetic fields.  


Norstar's exclusive grid polarisation concentrates its magnetic field penetration, offering deeper relief and much stronger circulation.  Our premium grade 'Flexible Core' contains three times more magnetic compound than popular-priced magnet therapy products.  Norstar's Powerstrides stimulate every reflexology point in the foot to increase circulation and help improve energy levels.  They help bring extra oxygen and blood to the foot to start repairing the damaged area and to flush out the lactic acid that has built up.  Furthermore, our Powerstrides are also used extensively by athletes and top sports people such as skiers, skaters, rowers, weight-lifters, golfers and tennis players who are looking to improve circulation (warm-up lower leg and feet area), and enhance their individual performance, energy and strength.  


Made of flexible magnetic materials, our Innersoles are sold in three sizes (small, medium and large) and can be cut down to size.  Please state desired size when ordering.  They do not take up that much room in your shoes, and the results are certainly worth it.  Manufacturer power rating: 2,500 gauss core.  Pack contains: one pair premium grade flexible core innersoles.


Stock Numbers

NS130S  Powerstrides - Magnetic Innersoles SMALL (UK 5 - 7) 




NS130M  Powerstrides - Magnetic Innersoles MEDIUM (UK 8 - 10) 




NS130L  Powerstrides - Magnetic Innersoles LARGE (UK 11 - 13) 



Online Price:   £29.00











The above information should not be treated as a substitute for the medical advice of your own doctor or any other health care professional.


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