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How to Keep Every Resolution Without Fail
By Nicola Forshaw, NJ Coaching

We have all done it.  We make New Year resolutions, maybe struggle to keep them for a few days, make ourselves miserable, and then lapse back into our old habits.

Sure, we may keep a few of these resolutions during our life but, for most, it’s a losing battle.  However, I have the vital formula that can ensure you keep every resolution without fail.

We could all benefit from this simple procedure.  The key lies in that word ‘resolution’. When we make these promises to ourselves, we should drop the ‘re’ bit of the word, and concentrate on the ‘solution’.

Many people benefit from a simple change to their thinking.  Most people want to make changes to their life, so they focus on what they’re giving up, rather than what they want to achieve, which so often leads to frustration and failure.

In this life you attract whatever it is that you think about the most.  If you think about negative words like giving up, stopping, doing less or changing something that you have enjoyed for years, then it is inevitable that your subconscious will rebel to ensure that it does not happen.

By replacing resolutions with solutions, you will think about how you will look, feel and sound when you have found the solution.  Remember that there is no success or failure; there is only a result.

There are two main reasons why people may not get the results they want. The first is that they try to change the habits of a lifetime overnight, and the human mind and body can’t work like that.  The other is they attempt to do it alone.  The help and support of a non-judgmental and supportive third-party is crucial to a good outcome.

To approach 2006 resolutions in a 'coaching' way, I suggest the most important aspect is understanding why you want to achieve something.  Some people believe that making a resolution is enough, without thinking about why, what results do they want to achieve?  Examining your commitment to change, and defining strategies for creating the change with small action steps that will bring you gradually towards the goal you’re hoping to achieve.

The start of a new year is a great time to get you thinking about your life, and remember, with the right approach and support; you have all that you need to make the improvements you desire!

Based in the UK, Nicola Forshaw is a professional life coach with an advanced diploma.  She works nationally and internationally with clients who are committed to achieving growth in their lives. 


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