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Nutritional Support

"Let your food be your medicine; let your medicine be your food."  Hippocrates


Our bodies are made up of specific elements which have to be replenished daily if we are to remain healthy. The main nutrients necessary for the body to grow, rebuild tissues and provide adequate energy include amino acids (proteins), carbohydrates, essential fatty acids (fats), vitamins, minerals, in addition to fibre, oxygen and water. Because we are unique, we each require differing quantities of these nutrients, which should be obtained from our daily diet.

We all know that a balanced diet is essential for good health - but do you really eat a natural diet that's packed full of nutrition which is easily assimilated by the body?  The answer is probably 'no'.  Intensive farming, soil depletion and modern food manufacturing and storage methods mean that much of our food is now stripped of many wholesome nutrients.  Furthermore our busy lifestyles, our stress levels and over consumption of alcohol, caffeine and medication also deplete the nutrients within our body.  Daily vitamin, mineral and herbal supplementation is therefore becoming ever more essential.

Natural supplements should be pure, 100% natural and contain NO CHEMICALS to enable them to work with the healing power of nature.  But with such a wide range of supplements on the market, which ones should you choose, for optimal health?

At Natural Body Healing, we provide Nature's Sunshine nutritional supplements - guaranteed to be the highest quality and purest supplements in the world. 

Established in 1972, Nature's Sunshine has long been recognised as a world-leader in the health and nutrition industry, providing the highest-quality vitamin, mineral and herbal supplements that you can buy. 


In fact, Nature’s Sunshine Products is THE global technological leader in high quality production and superior standards in the testing of herbal and dietary supplements.  We guarantee that EVERY bottle of EVERY PRODUCT will be the Purest, the Safest and the Most Potent (active) that you'll find anywhere in the world.


ALL our supplements are organically-sourced and only contain 'active' ingredients. Nature's Sunshine provides an extensive 'natural' range including vitamins, minerals, Chinese herbal formulations, homeopathic remedies, essential oils, natural skin care and cosmetics plus other household items.

But don't wait until you are ill - remember, prevention is much better than cure, so take your first simple step and start improving your health today! 






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To find out more about the full product range from Nature's Sunshine, to complete an Online Lifestyle Analysis or to place an order, follow the relevant link if you live in the UK or in Europe.



WHY Choose Nature's Sunshine Products?

Quality is so important when selecting nutritional supplements.  You want ones that actually work!  Nature’s Sunshine Products only contain active ingredients and are considered to be the highest quality supplements in the world.  Find out why you should choose Nature’s Sunshine products


To further assist you, we've also provided some tips for taking herbal supplements and provided answers to some FAQs.















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