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Positive Health

Today, research confirms that most of the chronic illnesses people face can be traced to lifestyle, diet, genetics, sex, age, foetal and childhood development, activity levels, environmental factors, levels of psychological and emotional stress and the consumption of medical and social drugs.

Research also tells us that we are what we eat and breathe and how we each live affects how we feel and how our body functions. Positive health involves 3 important concepts: balance, harmony and happiness.

A truly healthy person possesses all these elements. To be truly healthy is to be 'whole' and to be 'energised'.  When we are whole and feel energised, our bodies are in balance and our spirits are in harmony with our surroundings.  The result is a wonderful feeling of well-being.  Positive health isn't just the absence of disease.  To be truly healthy is to have a 'zest for life' and the ability to enjoy wholesome, joyful activity.

Happiness is something that we should each strive for.  Research shows that people who are cheerful and positive have stronger immune systems, have a lower heart rate and they live longer.  Happy people are also more productive, creative and successful.  Yet, there is no magic formula - the key to happiness can only be found inside YOU.  Each of us must learn to take responsibility for ourselves and our lives and not rely or depend upon others to make our lives better.


Happiness, gratitude and positivity are essential ingredients and are expressed in the way you behave towards others, they're in your inner-beliefs and in the way you view yourself and the world around you. 


Make a promise to yourself to find the happiness that you truly deserve, whether it is through positive self-improvement, making major personal changes, helping others or just generally getting more out of your own life and being grateful for what you already have.

Positive health care involves not only providing the body with a nutritious diet, sufficient water and exercise, but also ensuring our channels of digestion, circulation and elimination are working effectively and our body has sufficient rest and recuperation.  In fact, our ability to absorb dietary nutrients is only part of being healthy; the body essentially needs to eliminate toxic bulk waste regularly - that is 2-3 times throughout the day.

Also, at a cellular level, water constitutes 99% of the molecules which make up the human body.  To function correctly, our bodies depend upon our own internal electric and magnetic fields to enable communication between the cells.  The energies within us need to be in balance to enable our body's cells to communicate, to use water more efficiently and to enable the ingestion of nutrients and the excretion of our waste.  All bodily functions should be in synergy, working together in harmony.

Hippocrates taught us that illness results from man's inability to properly digest his food and eliminate waste.  When you consistently apply the basic elements that contribute to positive health such as the intake and uptake of quality
oxygen, water, food, exercise and static magnetic fields, the body can usually take care of its natural processes and healing with amazing efficiency.

Let Natural Body Healing introduce you to a more balanced diet and lifestyle that will enable your body to work in harmony, resulting in a much stronger and healthier you.

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