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'Reconnect' for Mental Fitness

by Paul Bailey, Author, Researcher, Lecturer, and Modern-day Spiritual Philosopher (Adapted from ‘Think of an Elephant’ )


Your life is reflected in your state of mind. Thoughts are energy.  All emotions - positive or negative - create tangible ripples of peace or disharmony through your psyche and out into the interconnected world around you.  Here are a number of helpful tips that can help you get happy.

Firstly, reactivate neglected 'Connections'.  This is the great de-stresser.  Get body and mind reconnected.  This means get your body and mind grounded in the same place.  At work your body is in the office but your mind is wishing you are elsewhere. 


So, next time you are on holiday, be sure to make the connection and break the split pattern you had at work.  Get your body doing what your mind is saying, and vice versa. 'Be' present in mind and body wherever you are.  Also, whether with family, friends or nature, it is the harmonious energy you feel when you connect heart-to-heart that helps you de-stress.

Secondly, we all look for ways to overcome tension, disempowerment and unhappiness felt when we have a personal falling out with someone. It can be extremely stressful and depressing and preoccupy our mind.  In addition to this, there is another stress which can also be causing anxiety and powerlessness. It is the big global issues portrayed through the media. 'TV News stress' is post-traumatic stress, nothing less. It seems to be unavoidable.  I'll give you a tip which may help. 


To avoid internalising negative information and thoughts which leads to dis-ease, use this feeling as a reminder for you to 'mind your mind'.  Don't merely absorb the information and feel helpless.  Instead, use this incoming negative message as a reminder - a reminder to quickly fill your mentality with the clear message of how you would like things to be.  This is very important, because this is your personal antidote.


This 'mindfulness' takes your whole biochemistry into the desired state.  Then your cup is full, and the incoming negative has nowhere to dwell and take root in you.  This is mental akido - the art of deflecting the negative force without absorbing it or forcing it away. Then you are empowered without being in denial.  What you are doing is denying a place for the negativity to take hold.

With practice, this mental dexterity can be made to work with almost all problems to minimise their hold on you.  For example, a major crisis sweeping the world today is depression.  Depression is a disease of disempowerment.  This disempowerment is minimised and may be completely overcome when we master the art of mindfulness, and practice it.


The book Think of an Elephant takes you to the frontiers of science, quantum physics, philosophy, environmental issues, evolutionary studies and studies of the mind, helping provide the antidote to depression's growing feelings of disempowerment, helplessness and hopelessness.  It does this by engaging you in experiencing just how deeply you are connected to absolutely everything else around you - that your perception itself has real potency, your consciousness has a charge, and your attention by itself has real influence.

Thirdly, we know that thoughts produce reaction.  Try creating an 'Unresolved Issues Diary' that you fill out daily.  Be honest.  By writing down all the unresolved issues and feelings, your subconscious feels you're dealing with the matter. You'll become less stressed and more effective.  Be tolerant and patient with yourself.


Concurrently create a 'Positive Thoughts Diary' for peace and balance.  Note all the good qualities in yourself and others and the wonderful things in your life, however small. These are energies for good. It's like getting a shot in the arm of endorphins. And the more you look, the more you'll see.

Fourthly, a major point of stress for all of us is spiritual, or existential, stress.  A lot of this comes from the fact that the 'reality' we get in touch with through our senses is only a fraction of the total reality.  When we come to experience the dimensions of the greater reality that we are missing and the higher dimensions of ourselves that we have lost sight of, we are well on the way to happiness.


When we come to see the extent that each of us as individuals is interconnected to literally everything else in the greater scheme of things we come to realise that our big fear and our biggest unhappiness is unfounded.  Both our mental health and our physical health require us to engage and upgrade our mentality. Think of an Elephant shows us the path to gaining a healthy, balanced mentality.

Evolution of Thought
1. This book inspires a genuine paradigm shift - the mental tipping point we have to have if we are to avoid the environmental tipping-point we are going to have.

2. Quantum Consciousness - a term loosely used in literature to date - is set to become a field of study in its own right. Science is already speculating on the possibility that our universe is a figment; a quantum reality of some sort (New Scientist cover Story 23rd June 2007)

3. The quantum ability for one thing (subatomic particle of energy) to be in two places at the same time (super-positioning), along with the quantum ability of two separate things (two subatomic particles of energy) to exactly mirror each other's behaviour without any linking mechanism (coherence), defies our sense of reality, but none the less these weird things really do happen.

4. We are reassured that these fantastic occurrences cannot happen up here in our 'big world' of lumpy, bumpy classical reality of solid stuff because any particle - however big or small - needs to be absolutely cut off and completely isolated from its entire background for the duration, because contact with the background environment immediately interferes and 'dissolves' the fantastic effects.  There goes that party trick I had planned.

5. In February 2007, quantum scientists showed that there was no gate or cut-off that would keep the weird quantum behaviour from coming 'up' and into our lumpy, bumpy world. This doesn't mean that the genie is out of the bottle, just that there is no cap on the bottle should the genie ever want to get out.

6. Leading-edge quantum researchers are presently defying belief, and are able to demonstrate the same amazing behaviour in some atoms and molecules in certain conditions, meaning that the genie actually has made the first steps up into the very substance and structure of our familiar physical universe.


However, we are reassured that no political despot or deluded psychic can make themselves instantaneously appear everywhere, because any such 'weird-world' effect would be immediately interrupted by - you guessed it - the background environment that is impossible to escape from entirely, try as we sometimes might to get away from the kids. Still, we now know that lumpy matter - the stuff we call real - can be made to act weirdly if we really try.

7. There are microbial forms of life that actually cross-share genes from one individual to another. This was considered heresy - an impossibility - by geneticists until the discovery of these disobedient microbes.


However, rather than viewing this gene-sharing merely as evidence of two points of life sharing one gene-pool, we can equally see this as evidence of one life creating itself in two places.  WE NOW HAVE EVIDENCE OF QUANTUM LIFE.

8. Accepting that the quantum weirdness can fully and freely occur only when isolated from all identifiable environments (see point 6 above), there is just one dimension where this can occur.  Introducing (fanfare of trumpets): INFINITY.

9. Most people accept that infinity is 'out there' beyond the edge of the universe; if you get beyond everything, every single thing, you don't get nothing - instead, you arrive at infinity.  But the weird workings of quantum science suggest that infinity also appears down amongst the smallest particles on the sub-atomic level. This bi-location of infinity means that we are bracketed by the possibility of quantum weirdness. How so, you ask?


Because both extremities of our reality - the absolutely vast and the infinitesimally small - share the one aspect that is needed for quantum phenomena to appear: both present us with an uninterrupted, singular whole - one big, one small - that is complete unto itself, free of any interfering background.


These two extremes -the vast and the minute - present the exact conditions necessary for quantum weirdness - a singular undivided whole, set on the 'edge' of infinity, and therefore uninterrupted by any environment. But shouldn't size make a difference; it does in our world? No, because when set to infinity, the size of anything no longer matters; from an infinite outlook, each and every location is no further away than any other, and no time is sooner or later, faster or slower - all measurement becomes incoherent, and all places one and the same.  Now, that is weird!

10. By definition, infinity is without context; inexplicable. However, by experience, it is intimate and personal, something we can experience by allowing our mind to be there. The only way we can make any meaningful difference is through our connections, so it is worth knowing what our connections are, right?  The better connected we are, the better off we are, and the best vantage-point to realise all our connections are from infinity.  If we think about it, we can see that the best religious metaphors throughout history have talked quantum and infinity - an omnipotent and omnipresent power called 'God', an all-seeing, all-knowing, eternally present power, etc.

11. What the ELEPHANT uncovers is that the apparent gap between everything in the world out there and us somewhere else operates as a state of mind, and though there is reality outside of us, it is not completely separate and disconnected from us. The ELEPHANT says that once we grasp this we begin to activate this powerful interconnectivity - our healing connections within the whole of the whole - and come face-to-face with the true power and influence of our position. Then we consciously move from self-absorption to self-awareness, from success to significance, from control to influence.

12. Control is a myth, a myth that depends for its slight-of-hand on a set period of time - the shorter the measured length of time, the greater the appearance of control.  But as we extend the length of time, the appearance of control falls away as the surrounding environment comes into play with more time to affect things: the shorter the length of time, the more we can claim the powers of the quantum genie and play God-the-controller; the longer the length of time, the more our individual separateness and control slip away to reveal our true place in the quantum scheme of things.

13. Evolution is progressive and does have a purpose, as evidenced frequently across the increasing complexity of life and living systems.

14. It's all of life that's evolving as a whole - and that is the master key: 'as a whole' - rather than individuals within a species or individual species themselves.

15. Genuine altruism (rather than mere social trade-offs) is definitely evolving within several species, and even between species. Altruism is a glue of holism rather than a gift of godliness.

16. Consciousness is evolving across life as a whole, and not confined to humans only. (For instance, we now know that some species can reason abstractly.) We have recently discovered that life at some of its points is so integrated that some bacteria transfer DNA, on contact from one to another - an absurd notion to geneticists until recently.

17. The whole of complex life is evolving to support advancing consciousness. Finding our place in this advance of consciousness is key to the spiritual evolution of the species as well as our personal destiny. 

By linking the apparently unrelated fields of quantum physics, holistic health, cosmology, theology, neuroscience, evolutionary theory and consciousness studies, 'Think of an Elephant' uncovers the complete set of tools we've got in our mental toolbox; it shows us the path to gaining a healthy, balanced mentality.  For more information on workshops and training, and to contact Paul Bailey, the author, please visit:











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