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The Sad State of Modern-Day Food
By Liz Barrington, Natural Body Healing

Throughout our lifetime, our health depends on both our nutritional state at the time of exposure to certain toxins and also how effective our body is in fighting disease and eliminating waste.  If digestion, along with the absorption and use of nutrients are inefficient because our systems have been weakened, the body will be 'nutrient-deficient' resulting in malfunction and illness.

We all know that a balanced diet is essential for good health and will provide the appropriate amounts of all nutrients in the correct proportions to meet our individual requirements.  But what are you eating and is it actually good for your health? The following information may surprise you.

The environment, poor diet, smoking, sedentary lifestyle, stress, alcohol, drugs and obesity all are major factors that cause disease in the body. More specifically, our diets and lifestyles have changed considerably over the last 50 years due to intensive farming and food manufacturing and marketing methods.

In the old days, farmers used to rotate their crops every 3 years to ensure the soil was rested and vital minerals from old crops and growing plants were ploughed back into the soil, which was then taken in by the newly-forming crop. These days, however, farmers grow several different crops in the same field throughout the year.  Their intensive farming methods deplete the soil of valuable nutrition which, in Europe alone, means that precious soil from which fruit, vegetables and grains grow, now contains 72% less nutrients than it used to 100 years ago. Therefore to keep healthy, it is important you supplement your food with high quality organically-sourced vitamins and minerals.

What's more, crops during their growth period are sprayed up to 20 times with water and fat soluble pesticides and insecticides. These are dangerous toxins that remain on the vegetation and are often stored in our bodies' fat cells after consumption, which can lead to cell malfunctioning. The health risk is greatly reduced however, if you consume only 'organic' food which will not have been exposed to pesticides or insecticides during its period of growth.

Manufacturers are also responsible for providing poor quality foods that lack nutrition. We now eat heavily processed and refined foods, including bread, biscuits, cakes, pasta, flour and sugar.  Throughout the manufacturing process, the ingredients are literally stripped of nutrients yet the food products are loaded with many additives, flavourings and preservatives. Many of these additives are toxic to the body, which puts great strain on our body's weakened defences and systems of elimination.

The solution is to avoid eating processed and refined foods and to eat foods that are 'close to nature' - wholesome natural organic foods, plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, seeds, legumes and smaller quantities of white meat, fish and dairy.

Nowadays, as standard practice, large manufacturers import huge quantities of fresh foods and keep them in cold storage for many months. Every day food is kept in storage, large amounts of valuable enzymes and nutrients are lost. To ensure you get the most out of the fresh food you eat, it is important to eat 'just-picked' locally produced organic fruit and vegetables that are 'in season'.

Even though research proves that the consumption of large amounts of processed food can lead to serious mental and physical health problems, food manufacturers continue to put pressure on farmers and other suppliers to produce high quantities of poor quality, nutrient-deficient food to attain even greater levels of profitability. When manufacturers and politicians dictate that profitability comes before the nation's health, this is a very poor state of affairs. Unless this attitude changes, the shape of our future health looks very bleak indeed.

Sadly, the fact is that vitamin, mineral and herbal supplementation is becoming ever more essential to maintaining good health.  Testament to the fact that modern technology and manufacturing methods do not always lead to progress. 
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