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Establishing a Successful Relationship
By Liz Barrington, Natural Body Healing

Intimate relationships are important to us all. They can either be a great source of happiness or they can cause great misery in our lives. If you’re not in a fulfilling relationship, you’re perhaps single and possibly looking to be ‘attached’ to someone or you’re in an unhappy relationship.

Over recent decades, relationship dynamics have undergone considerable transformation. Women are now enjoying increasingly equal opportunities in the workplace and are also home-owners in their own right, with less emphasis on the family and stability.

These days, more and more individuals prefer to live on their own. Many decide to engage in a long line of casual, ‘disposable’ relationships without enduring any major commitment. It’s never been easier for couples to break up because there are less economic and social implications for staying together.

Despite this, we all want to love and to be loved in return. We enjoy the greater security of being part of a couple. As a team, two people can achieve more than the sum of their individual efforts. So what makes a successful and happy relationship?

The basic challenge that we all face is understanding what we really want from a relationship, being honest about it and then agreeing what we’re prepared to give up in order to make it work. Being able to compromise on occasions to accommodate your partner’s feelings is important.

Ideal partnerships that are full of positive energy form strong bonds, with each partner feeling better in the presence of the other. Sharing material possessions helps to speed up the process of getting to know one another and establishes a sense of intimacy. In time, people in long-term relationships come to resemble and behave like each other and this is the driving force of the relationship.

Home is where the heart is

Your home environment is very important in creating the right atmosphere. To increase your chances of having a harmonious and satisfying relationship, create a soft, calm and stress-free atmosphere where both partners can iron out their differences, when necessary.

A happy home is one with plenty of natural light, sunshine and fresh air. Have lots of plants scattered around the home to clean the air, absorb sounds and create a natural atmosphere. Use diffused lighting, table lights and candles to reflect light off the walls or the ceiling and create a gentle, relaxed atmosphere. Use a variety of soft furnishings, upholstery and clothing made from natural materials to keep your home environment fresh and invigorating. Stone, wood or wool carpets are the recommended natural choices for flooring.

So what’s the secret to holding onto your ideal partner?

The 10 ingredients necessary for a truly successful partnership are:

  • Friendship – feeling that someone respects you and wants to be part of your life.

  • Fun – having a laugh and enjoying being with someone special.

  • Love – feeling that you are in love and that you are loved in return.

  • Support – knowing that someone is there when you feel down or if you are ill.  So learn how to communicate openly and honestly.

  • Affection – to touch and to be touched.

  • Sex – mutually enjoy physical pleasures and intimacy.  If you would like some 100% safe, 'natural' support to help spice up your sex life and increase your libido, then please try Damiana & Ginseng Combination for women, or Master Gland for men.

  • Companionship – know that someone shares your interests.

  • Security – share problems and know that you can rely on one another.

  • Social Life – have mutual ‘like-minded’ friends with whom you can go out together.

  • Teamwork – doing things together and helping each other move forward and get ahead.

Does your relationship fulfil all these needs? If any of your needs are not satisfied, then you and your partner should look to make improvements, to alleviate any present dissatisfaction and to avoid more serious problems escalating in future.

When you’re happy in a relationship, you have greater self-esteem and you tend to be more active and healthier.  Attending exercise classes or going down the gym together are great ways to make sure that you look after yourselves.  Relaxation is also important for both of you, so try to incorporate some yoga and meditation during your week and get at least 7-8 hours of good quality sleep every night.

You’ll need to spend some quality time together, so a good work and social life balance is important too.  Make sure you enjoy your leisure time together and make an effort to pamper yourselves regularly.

Finding your ideal partner can provide total fulfilment and true happiness. By experiencing greater balance, harmony and happiness in your life, you’ll become much healthier, more positive and much stronger.

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