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How to Achieve Sensible Weight-Loss
By Liz Barrington, Natural Body Healing

Want to get fit and lose weight?  Sadly there is no safe ‘magic potion’ available.  Permanent weight loss can only occur when you aim to improve your ‘overall health’ over the long-term; you’ll fail to keep off the weight if you simply focus on ‘losing weight’ quickly

Don't worry, help is at hand - here are some great healthy tips that will help you steadily yet sensibly reach and maintain your desired weight!

  • Detoxify your body.  The body uses fat tissue as a buffer to store toxins away from important organs so they’re not able to cause any harm.  Therefore, if the body is overly toxic, it won’t release any excess fat.  If you are a smoker, it’s important to stop smoking to prevent serious damage to your health.  Toxins cause oxidation and therefore inflammation in the body, along with water retention and also cellular malfunction and disease.  Regular ‘cleanses’ are therefore essential in managing your weight and keeping healthy.  Click here, for more information about Aqua Detox - the effortless way to rebalance and detoxify your body.  Alternatively, try a 10-day 'herbal detox’ - please click here for further details. 

  • Drink plenty of good spring/filtered water (2-3 litres a day).  Healthy hot drinks such as herbal teas throughout the day, will help curb your appetite too.

  • Stabilise your blood sugar levels by avoiding simple (refined) carbohydrates and use natural supplements, such as liquorice root to support your glandular system.  Excess blood sugar is converted to fat and stored in the body, so when high blood sugar levels are constant over many years, the weight simply piles on.  Unless you change to a low GI/GL diet (consisting of complex carbohydrates) over the long-term and stabilise your blood sugar levels, your excess weight will be difficult to shift.

  • Remove dairy and wheat products from your diet.  In addition to increasing your fat and calorie intake, these foods irritate the mucus membranes within the digestive tract, cause bloating and slow down the body - therefore hindering the entire digestive process.

  • Greatly decrease the amount of ‘stimulants’ in your diet – such as alcohol, tea, coffee, chocolate.  These play havoc with the adrenal glands; they also introduce more toxins into your body, are often high in empty calories and prevent the absorption of many nutrients in the body.

  • If you suspect you suffer from certain food allergies, eliminate them from your diet.  Over a period of time, once your body has been cleansed sufficiently, you may be able to re-introduce some of these foods back into your diet,

  • Cut down on unhealthy saturated fats (found in milk, cheese, butter, biscuits, sweets, vegetable fat etc).

  • AVOID sugar, sweetened foods, processed foods and salt.

  • Stay away from short-term ‘fad’ diets.  Short-term weight loss never stays off and fad diets, such as high-protein diets with few carbohydrates, can often cause longer-term health problems.

  • If you eat ‘nutrient-rich’ foods (including high quality food supplementation) the body becomes satisfied and you’ll lose your cravings.  Useful daily supplements to aid weight loss include: A good quality Vitamin and Mineral supplement, Zambroza (antioxidant), Psyllium husks (high fibre), Omega-3 EPA/DHA, Vitamin B Complex, Vitamin C, Zinc, Bifidophilus Probiotics and Food Digestive Enzymes (take these enzymes after heavy meals but only for 3 months maximum). To order the highest-quality natural supplements at 15% discount online, please click here.

  • Eat plenty of whole foods, wholegrains, beans, pulses, fresh fruit and vegetables (for their high fibre content) to help you feel full and to help absorb toxins in the colon.

  • Only eat high quality protein such as fish, chicken, non-GM soya (an excellent source is Synerprotein), pulses, beans, spirulina and eggs at breakfast and/or lunch time.  This is easier on the body’s digestion and provides ‘slow-burning’ energy throughout the day which reduces your cravings for sugar.

  • Get some balance in your life and try to avoid too much stress.  When the body is under stress it produces excess ‘cortisol’ which increases blood sugar levels and causes the body to crave rich fatty foods.  Eating healthily is difficult to achieve unless you’re able to manage your stress levels.

  • Always eat slowly and chew your food properly; follow a low-glycaemic diet and NEVER miss breakfast!  Eat sensibly and have any larger meals during the day time if possible.  Always aim to eat a simpler, smaller meal well before 7.30pm in the evening (mainly consisting of carbohydrates which are easier to digest).

  • Make sure you eat the right balance of foods to maintain the body's proper pH levels.  In other words, 80% alkaline-forming foods (primarily fresh fruit and vegetables) and 15% acid-forming foods (protein, dairy, nuts, other types of fruit and vegetables).  An imbalance in the body's pH levels can affect all major body systems - especially the digestive, intestinal, circulatory and immune systems.

  • Exercise aerobically 2-3 times each week including some muscle strengthening exercise such as pilates, yoga, weight training. Find a good gym with a one-to-one trainer if possible. We are all different and we each have different needs and capabilities.

  • Always start any new exercise regime slowly and then build it up gradually.

  • 'Warm up' before you start and 'warm down' afterwards;  Always stretch gently once you’ve warmed up.

  • Always do just enough exercise – overdoing it results in either injury or over-exertion - both of which are likely to put you off continuing.

  •  Seek your doctor's advice before starting a new exercise regime if you have any health concerns; If you are considerably overweight, ask your doctor to check whether you have any thyroid problems.

  • Eat healthily – and go for ‘organic’ natural food wherever possible.

  • Avoid toxins, artificial colourings and flavourings in your food.

  • Never shop for food when you’re hungry!

  • Ask for support and encouragement – get your family and friends behind you.

  • Weigh yourself no more than once a week and more importantly, measure yourself too.

If you can permanently adopt these lifestyle changes to become healthier, the weight will drop off and it will stay off.  You’ll enjoy being a slimmer, fitter and a more confident person and you’ll become much healthier and happier too. 

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The above information should not be treated as a substitute for the medical advice of your own doctor or any other health care professional.







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