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Why Choose Nature’s Sunshine for Nutritional Supplementation?

Did you know that over 90% of all nutritional supplements on the market today are a complete waste of YOUR money because of their poor quality?  At Natural Body Healing, we provide Nature's Sunshine Products - the purest, most effective supplements available that promote and support optimal health.

Nature’s Sunshine Products is THE global leader in the technology used in both the production and testing of herbal and dietary supplements.  In fact, we guarantee that EVERY bottle of EVERY PRODUCT will be the Purest, the Safest and the Most Potent that you'll find anywhere in the world.  Our products only contain active ingredients.  Satisfaction is guaranteed or your money back. 

Fully endorsed by leading Naturopaths, Herbalists and Nutritionists, Nature’s Sunshine Products are recognised as being the highest quality products in the world, with millions of satisfied customers.  But, why are they the 'highest quality'?  Well, read on.

quality: Nature’s Sunshine (NSP) takes enormous pride in the quality of its products.  NSP uses leading-edge scientific testing to ensure they produce the absolute purest product on the market.  NSP carries out over 300 tests and procedures for each and every ingredient.  Nothing is outsourced.  At its Headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah in the States, NSP manufactures everything in-house to pharmaceutical industry-standard, using award-winning state-of-the-art facilities, ensuring the highest levels of purity and consistency.

INNOVATIVE Product Range: NSP has an extraordinary product line, ranging from vitamins, minerals, skin care to other health-related items.  Through extensive research, NSP is able to offer unique innovative products such as ‘Paw Paw Cell Regulator’, that no-one else has in the marketplace.

Organically-Sourced:  All of NSP’s vitamin, mineral and herbal supplements are organically-sourced and only contain 'active' ingredients.  Every single product is made from natural ingredients.

Global Sourcing of the finest ingredients:  NSP’s global sourcing of the finest herbs and raw materials ensures that only the very best products are chosen.  Excellence in product quality is what has ensured NSP’s position as the leader in the herbal health industry.

UsE of Active Ingredients: Only ‘active’ ingredients derived from the proper parts of the plant are used in NSP’s products.  Each ingredient is harvested at the right time of the year, to ensure each ingredient is at its most potent strength.  All ingredients are tested before, during and after manufacturing to make sure that NSP only offers the most active and purest supplements to our customers.

Fast Results: Our Herbal Formulas are not only exclusive, but they really work!  Many of the formulas originate from Dr. Christopher, who is considered to be the ‘Father’ of the natural herbal health industry in the USA.

POWERFUL PRODUCT COMBINATIONS:  NSP lead the way in offering product combinations.  Single supplements are not the most effective way to take supplemental nutrients, as many can work against the other.  NSP’s combinations are easier to use and they work ‘synergistically’ to support optimum health.

ProductS FREE of BACTERIAL ContaminantS, PRESERVATIVES AND CHEMICAL FILLERS:  Improperly processed and packaged herbs can lose nutritional value and potency due to prolonged exposure to air, light and heat.  AT NSP, the correct plant part, potency, purity and nutritional value is GUARANTEED.  NSP only uses naturally-sourced ingredients such as plant fibre, silica, calcium and also magnesium stearate if required, to make 'compressed' tablets.  Natural products are more effectively assimilated in the body and are not rejected by the body.

Experience: With its HQ in the US, NSP has been around for over 33 years.  In fact NSP was the first company in the world to encapsulate herbs!  All of NSP’s products can only be obtained through a network of fully trained distributors so you won’t be able to find them in local health shops.

Use Of A Cold Process To Powder The Herbs:  NSP utilises costly ‘cryogenic processing’ to retain all the beneficial constituents of the herbs which involves freezing the herbs in liquid nitrogen and shattering them.  Most other companies use the traditional heat-producing grinding process, whereby herbs are heated or burned which destroys many of the vital nutrients.

Product Pricing: Considering the extensive high quality testing and research NSP carries out, our pricing remains very competitive.  You are actually paying for the highest quality product available that will ‘actively’ improve your health.

Guarantee: NSP’s Guarantee is unsurpassed. You can return any supplement product within 90 days for a complete refund (not including shipping).  If you’ve tried the product for at least a month and followed the dosage instructions yet still feel the product is inferior, you can contact us and NSP will refund your money – so you have nothing to lose!

To find out more about the full product range from Nature's Sunshine, to complete an Online Lifestyle Analysis or to place an order, follow the relevant link if you live in the UK or in Europe.

To further assist you, we've also provided some tips for taking herbal supplements and provided answers to some FAQs.






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